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Code Of Conduct

Staff Roles & Expectations

Role Requirements

The MMD server has many roles which are meant for members of the general community. These roles are usually given out by moderators when certain conditions are met. MCreator users will NOT be granted roles. To request one of the roles below you must familiarize yourself with the requirements and, unless otherwise noted, contact a moderator (@Moderators) in the #role-requests channel.

Other Roles

These roles are given at the discretion of the MMD staff when certain conditions are met. These roles should not be requested in #role-requests.

Warnings & Bans

The MMD server uses an infraction based system for handling warnings and bans. Moderators and admins can issue infractions to members. Each infraction has an associated point value, the higher the points the more serious the infraction is. The types of infractions available are split into major and minor categories.

Major - 3 points

Note that in cases where illegal activity is involved, the details for the poster should be reported to Discord Trust and Safety directly.

Minor - 1 point

Infraction Policy

If a moderator feels that a member is deserving of an infraction, they can issue one of the predefined infractions. Infractions are created through a bot, which will require the staff member to include reasoning and evidence. Once the infraction has been completed, it will be entered into our system. Points will eventually expire, however they will remain in the database.

If a member has 3 infraction points, they will be temporarily suspended from MMD. During the suspension period, the admins will review the member’s history and determine whether or not a ban is needed. Every further infraction will require invoke another admin review.

There is zero tolerance for misuse of the infraction system. All infractions must include evidence of some sort. In cases where said evidence would be illegal to reproduce, other forms of verification such as 3rd hand testimonials are acceptable.

Keep in mind that some members have weird ways of interacting with each other. Depending on the history between the two members, some interactions which are against the rules may be acceptable. An example of such an exception would be two friends provoking each other.

Using MMD as a platform to advertise content is not allowed. Exceptions to this policy are made for members who have some sort of relation with MMD. The first exception is made for MMD Partners. This group of people may make promotions and announcements in MMD, provided that they run things by an admin first. The second group of exceptions are for content creators who are recognized by MMD, and are posting in the designated channels. For example, modders are allowed to show off their new mods in #community-announcements. It is important to note that there is a difference between answering questions or having a conversation about another project, and a promotion or advertisement post.

Channel Policy

MMD currently allows members to request new channels to be created. We are also still allowing people with archived channels to reactivate theirs. While anyone can request a channel, this is typically reserved for mod authors and those with projects that need a place for discussion. The channel list is sorted alphabetically where possible, when adding and reactivating channels staff members should be sure they are added to the right place. All user channels should go in the “Community Mods” category unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE: Channel owners are allowed to manage their own permissions, however, certain permissions are globally disabled on MMD and should not be re-enabled for anyone, including yourself, on user channels. Anyone found re-activating or using a prohibited permission may have their channel removed and an infraction added to the channel owner or owners. Prohibited permissions are as follows, and subject to change:

In addition, changing the permissions for Staff, Moderators, or MMD Admins is prohibited, as is changing your channel category. Violations of these rules may lead to having your channel removed and an infraction added to the channel owner or owners.

If a user channel is inactive for 60+ days, a staff member will send a message asking the channel owner to contact staff within 14 days. If they do not contact staff within that time frame the channel will be archived. NOTE: Webhooks do not count towards channels being active, only user activity is counted.