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Reporting Abuse

If you encounter anything which would warrant urgent legal attention from Discord, such as underage explicit material, please send a report to Discord by emailing abuse@discordapp.com. This email should only be used for legal issues, anything else should be sent to support@discordapp.com.

When sending a report regarding content on Discord, you should try to include as much information as possible. The following is a list of information which is.

To get IDs, go to User Settings > Appearance > enable Dev Tools. This will add a`copy ID option to certain menus in Discord. To get a user’s ID right click on their name in chat and click copy ID. Alternatively you can also right click on the user in a server’s member list, or in your direct message list. To get the server ID, right click on the server and click copy ID. To get a message ID, right click while hovering over the message and click copy ID. Once an ID has been copied, it will be on your clipboard.

Protecting yourself from DM attacks

One type of attack seen on Discord is a DM attack. This is when a user or bot joins a server and sends direct messages to everyone on it. This attack is effective, as Discord will allow users who share a server with you to send DMs to you by default. Because of this, larger public servers are of higher risk. To change that setting right click on the server icon > Privacy Settings > Allow direct messages from server members. Once this is disabled, users from that server will not be able to send you a direct message unless they are on your friend list.